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Eutierria layout Leah O'Donnell Choreography.jpg

Eutierria: A feeling of elation or oneness with the earth and its life forces.

Eutierria is a short, quirky, Dance on Film, celebrating the illusory euphoria that seeps between the boundaries of oneself and the natural world.

The film was adapted from a 2017 site-specific performance on the Wayne State University campus in Detroit, Michigan.

A woman dozes beneath a tree, blanketed in dirt and splashed by the sunlight between sheltering leaves.

Nourished, she trails up the tree’s trunk like ivy, swinging from its branches, into a set of shimmying foliage who invite her to dance.

As limbs emerge from the shrubs, a Las Vegas wood-nymph maypole-can-can ensues, with a dash of Busby Berkely. Dancers create colorful illusions with greenery as partner, curtain, skirt, and headdress.

Eutierria is a playful ode to Spring and the annual stirring of human imagination amongst the blooming earth.


Jump/ Cut: A Dance on Film Festival (2019)

Brooklyn, NY

Concept and Choreography: Leah O’Donnell

Director of Photography: Joe Goodman

Performers: Maddy Petz, Ezra Anderson, Sara Burman, Natalie Cantalino, Joseph Galba

Additional Site-Specific Performers: Amanda Benjey, Max Golden