Paper Fall

Paper Fall excerpt

Paper Fall ticketbooth2 Leah O'Donnell Choreography.jpeg

Filmed in late Autumn, 2018, Paper Fall is an experimental dance on film focused on site specificity and collage.

Seemingly unrelated images create patterns of recognition and the passage of time.

A woman reveals tree roots in her center, and leaves fall from between the toes of dancers. A message hides inside backyard pipes. Legs emerge from a corn pit, and women drop and catch one another atop hay stacks. Goats mimic the motions of dancers, and a lone ticket booth operator waits amongst an empty landscape.

Paper Fall conjures the gentle melancholy of fading youth.

Concept and Choreography: Leah O’Donnell

Videography: Erika Ruch

Performers: Amanda Benjey, Natalie Cantalino, Cydney Hunter, Leah O’Donnell, Hannah Rittmueller