Reverie excerpt


Enveloped in a midcentury aesthetic and haunted ballroom sound-scape, Reverie explores a woman consumed by memories, which push, pull, and manipulate her through daily life. Summoned unconsciously, only to dissolve again, she grapples with the ghosts of past relationships, and versions of herself lost in time.

This wistful and sensuous trio-performance looks at the edges of narrative and nostalgia. A daydream into the past invites context, reflection and even joy. But what happens when we allow memories to puppeteer our present? How do we honor our ghosts while reclaiming the reins to our consciousness?


10 Minute Festival (2018)

Maggie Alessee Theatre, Detroit, MI

Choreographer: Leah O’Donnell

Dancers: Amanda Benjey, Max Golden, Nikita Krylov

Additional Performances:

Women’s Work Festival (2019) dir. Kristi Faulkner

Boll Theatre, Detroit, MI

Choreographer: Leah O’Donnell

Dancers: Hannah Bialecki, Max Golden, Joey Mattar.